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Builders Team is committed to client satisfaction. The relationships and services with clients do not end after the final phase of construction is complete. The services provided after construction include:


  • Builders Team provides a warranty on all work for two years.

  • A thorough walk through is conducted of the site, in addition to an in-depth analysis of the work to ensure high levels of client satisfaction.

  • All warranty certificates, booklets and information are explained and reviewed in detail.

  • All items which have a warrantee and need repairs are immediately maintained.




Builders Team prides itself on its comprehensive, professional, and efficient construction management service in Southern California. Client satisfaction is a high priority for our company. We work to provide high quality end results within the set timeline. It is of utmost importance that the construction process runs seamlessly and effectively.


Pre-Construction I


The construction process takes into consideration factors including, cost, and schedule, without sacrificing top notch quality. Builders Team is a construction company which has enjoyed over twenty seven years of success. This experience lends itself to the decisions made to ensure timelines are respected, quality is delivered and customers are always satisfied.

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Pre-Construction II


  • Coordination with Architects – Collaboration and coordination with architects during the planning and design phase of structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical ensures proper and quality systems without sacrifice to        aesthetics.

  • Maximize Quality and Reduce Costs – Time and care is devoted to each client through an evaluation and explorations process with various suggestions of alternate methods and materials to attempt to reduce cost.

  • Thorough Forecast of Cost – Cost estimates are prepared during the pre-construction phase and design development to project costs and stay within budget.

  • Detailed Final Evaluation – Final working drawings will be assessed and evaluated for completeness and accuracy prior to building.